"A great photo transcends storytelling; it goes beyond anything a title, date or caption can describe. Unearthing these images is like panning for gold, and only a great artist knows where to dig. Adrien has been deeply entrenched inside our world, capturing images of me and the band since before she even realized that she was a photographer. She has never been an onlooker, sitting in a corner waiting for something interesting to happen. Instead she has been part of our unfolding story - injecting plot twists of her own throughout our many years traveling together. Over the slow, steady arc of the band's career, we've enjoyed the luxury of relative privacy. Sure, we're a gregarious pile of pranksters, but we have the great privilege of sharing our music with the world, and to us, that's enough. Rarely do we feel compelled to lift the curtain and reveal what was going on after the lights come back on, because to be honest, it's not always as pretty as you would think. If anyone else were behind the camera, these photos might tell an entirely different story(and perhaps one we'd be less inclined to put into a book), but through Adrien's lens, it's a story worth sharing."
- Grace Potter
Photos by Adrien Broom
Book is signed by Grace Potter
142 pages, with over 300 images spanning from the past 10 years
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